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Required Documents

At Happy Tails we want to ensure the safety of each and every pup. We ask that you provide up-to-date paperwork when sending your pup for a visit.


 If able, please send an electronic copy before your pups stay so we can make sure our records are ready and complete upon arrival. Please also bring a paper copy of the lodging agreement (if it's a new pet) and any new vet records when you arrive at Happy Tails. 


Lodging Agreement

This lodging agreement must be completed before your pup arrives at Happy Tails for their first stay with us. This allows us the opportunity to care for your beloved canine friend.  All agreements are now available for viewing and are to be signed electronically on the Customer Portal. 

This lodging agreement and pet summary only needs to be filled out once, as it carries through each stay. This information is now all located in the Customer Portal to fill out. 


Vet Records

Please provide a copy of the most up to date vet record when your pup comes to visit. We are looking for the following expiration dates: 




These records can be uploaded to your Customer Portal under the "Vaccinations" section. 

We require Bordetella (the Kennel Cough vaccine) every 6 months since the dogs play together in close contact frequently. Most vets only require it once a year. 

We can administer the oral Bordetella vaccine at Happy Tails as a standalone appointment, or on the first day of your pups visit. 

Emergency Contact 

It is very important to list a reliable Emergency Contact other than the immidiate owners. You want this to be someone who can take over the care of your pup in case of an emergency. However, you will always be the first contact. 

early pick up & cancellation policy

Advanced notice of schedule changes and cancellations are imperative to accommodating clients most effectively, maintaining competitive rates, and providing high quality services at Happy Tails. Please sign a copy of our policy in your Customer Portal regarding associated fees with picking up early or cancelling reservations. This will carry through for all future reservations. 

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